We are a group of senior executive leaders who have come together to address the issue of workplace harassment and abuse across all industries.


Our Commitment is to

  • Grow the network of leaders committed to ensuring that sexual harassment is   ‘not in my workplace’

  • Ensure that sexual harassment does not occur in workplaces we lead

  • Ensure the organisational risk register contains sexual harassment as a strategic risk and that controls are in place to address this risk

  • Ensure our code of conduct explicitly calls out sexual harassment as an unacceptable behaviour

  • Provide training for all staff in socially appropriate behaviours

  • Support colleagues and young women who are the target of predatory behaviour

  • Protect the reputation of women who speak out

  • Provide expert opinion and commentary.


We do this because everyone deserves to feel safe at work. And we can make that a reality.


We recognise that:

  • Many have come before us.  It is their work that enabled us to be leaders in the workplace today.

  • As leaders we have a responsibility to act, lead and create cultures of respect and dignity.

  • We work with leaders and organisations to identify areas of risk and to bring about change, we need to have constructive, honest conversations about culture.

  • We need to hold onto strength and optimism to make a difference. Change requires   an impactful, positive, action agenda that draws on our strengths.

  • Sexual harassment is part of violence against women and we will support the work   of others in the field.

  • The majority of men are good and honest, our target is poor behaviour by a few.

  • We are powerful when we stand together.

  • There are many female champions and role models who have visibility.

  • We are diverse with deep experience and reach.